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About Epics Fx Studios

About Epics Fx Studios

Our Mexico branch is established to service mainly clients from north America and Europe, doing visual effects for film, TV commercials and various high quality computer generated work such as character animation, dynamic simulation, digital compositing, matte painting etc. We have years of Hollywood visual effects experience to give the maximum perfection to all of our clients.



The Founders


Serkan Zelzele

Serkan Zelzele

Serkan has started his carrier, designing scriptable motion graphics used by actors like Julia Roberts, Jack Nicholson, in such movies: My Best Friend's Wedding (1997), As Good as It Gets (1997), and further movies like Face/Off (1997), where he designed, futuristic panels and created facial and body transformations for actors Nicholas Cage and John Travolta.

Since then, he has worked on various movies like Superman Returns (2006), Academy Award Nominee, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001), X2 (2003), and some of which has won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects like Titanic (1997), and The Golden Compass (2007).

His last works before co-founding Epics Fx Studios Mexico; sequence supervised The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009), where he was responsible for the sequence had a giant computer generated slimy Octopus, cg Abraham Lincoln Memorial and a full cg animated Abraham Lincoln statue.

He has recently served as a Visual Effects Supervisor for Day After Disaster (2009), creating photo realistic nuclear explosion scenery; destroying Washington DC with sophisticated dynamic simulation technology, and creating the city's aftermath with various matte painting and compositing techniques.

Conquest 1453 (Fetih 1453) , a more recent project, brings back epic proportion war of Istanbul to the audience . With crowd simulations, full CG environtment and special effects, this movie was a hit in many countries.

Email: serkan@epicsfxstudios.com

Serkan's reel could be found HERE



Eric Kawilarang

Eric has been providing South East Asia region's Film and TV Commercial industry as a 3D Animation Director for more than a decade. He is the co-founder of our Jakarta office, which is considered one of the best animation studios in the south east Asia.

After studying animation and digital effects in Los Angeles, Eric has quickly moved to Indonesia to accomplish his dreams of creating one of the best fx houses in the region.

Working with International Ad agencies and Production Houses, he has created everything from movie opening, character animations, special effects, liquid simulation, to interactive multimedia.

His award-winning Jakarta office served to prestigious ad agencies such as; BBDO, Dentsu, GREY , Leo Burnett, LOWE, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatcthi, TBWA, and a dozen more. Some of his clients are: The Coca Cola Company, Redbull, UNILEVER, Nestle, Kraft, Danone, Phillip Morris, Sharp, Motorola, Samsung, Bayer, Heinz, UNICEF, and other international brands.

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Email: eric@epicsfxstudios.com




Producer / Partner


Cihan Karademir

Cihan Karademir, a civil engineer and an economics graduate, started his career at an advertising agency in the creative team in 1999. In 2003 he pursued his career at the advertisement sales departments at national newspapers.

Between the years 2005 and 2009 he worked as the head of media purchasing and strategy at a national agency. In 2008 he was the script and production consultant of an international film directed by Andrzej Barkowiak.

That year he decided to work with Epics FX Studios. He was the visual effects producer of Fetih 1453 (The Conquest 1453), Çanakkale 1915 (Gallipoli 1915), Mutlu Aile Defteri (Happy Family Journal), Behzat Ç - Ankara Yanıyor and an animated feature film; Evliya Çelebi: The Fountain of Youth.

Today he works as a partner and a producer at Epics FX Studios in Istanbul.

Email: cihan@epicsfxstudios.com

Services What We Do


Dynamic Simulation

We can create photo-realistic or a surreal, artistic computer generated imagery which can have a cloth simulation, liquids as in ocean, or in commercial drinks, sophisticated nuclear explosions, shock wave, building breaking, fire, snow, etc. We have a highly trained team that is capable of rendering such challenging dynamics.

3D Character Animation

Our talented animators can develop detailed 3D characters, rigging structures from a giant tarantula to a photo realistic human body. We use state of the art techniques to finess the imagery that stands out from the other competitors.

3D Modeling and Lighting

Imagine a car commercial with a vehicle generated in computer; shiny, slick, purely stands out, represents the corporate imaging of the company. Then you place that ca into streets of New York, London or Istanbul, Milan. We are experts at making any computer objects to come to life as a realistic imagery.

Compositing and Matte Paintings

Every film, commercial, or a TV show these days need some kind of visual effects. Shoot your set extensions, actors in front of blue/green screen on a set, and composite them into various locations digitally. We can do photo-realistic matte paintings where an old city, or a busy street can come to life. We can rotoscope your people, frame by frame, or extract the green screens and create a seamless digital photo-montages with our years of film experience.

Music Videos

As much as the music it self, the creative visualization that syncs perfectly with the tune, that sells a hit song these days. Our imagination combined with yours can provide you the most hip, up to date music videos can be fueled with computer generated imagery.

Title Animations

A few seconds to advertise your corporate image, a TV program, or a message you want to pass onto the audience on TV. We study the characteristic of the firms, brands, or the messages our clients would like to convey, and render a creative representation of your needs.

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